What's new in
Siebel 15?

New Look! New Functionality!

What's new
in Siebel 15?

New Look!
New Functionality!

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Oracle launched Siebel 15 on May 12th 2015 - so what's new?

New Siebel, New Name: Introducing Siebel 15!

The first thing that long time Siebel users will notice is the new naming convention: this is not Siebel, just Innovation Pack 2015, or more simply Siebel 15. Monthly patch sets will following the naming convention 15.1, 15.2, etc.

Modern User Interface Theme: "Synergy"

The first thing you will notice with Siebel 15 is that the user interface looks markedly different from previous versions. Oracle has introduced a new Open UI theme in Siebel 15 called "Synergy". This theme is almost identical to the user interface in existing Oracle Cloud applications like Oracle Sales Cloud, and Oracle Service Cloud. The “Synergy” theme has a modern look and feel, and the “Screen Tiles” at the top of the page allow for easy navigation with touch screen devices.

The "Aurora" User Interface Theme, which was first introduced in Siebel Innovation Pack 2014 is also available and remains largely unchanged.

Open UI jQuery Charts

In the Open UI client, Oracle has introduced a new JavaScript-based client-side charting feature. These new charts have a more modern look and feel than the existing NetCharts, but otherwise function in the same way from the end-users perspective in the out-of-the-box configuration.

Importantly, unlike existing NetCharts the new JavaScript-based charts do not require any 3rd party software installation or configuration, and being based on JavaScript (specifically being based on the jqPlot plugin), there is ample opportunity to customize and extend to fit your own needs. These new charts can for example be seamlessly embedded in existing Siebel views.

Out-of-the-box Siebel supports the new client-side charts in Open UI, and only for 2-D and 3-D bar charts. Other chart types (stacked bars, line graphs, and pie charts etc.) continue to function using NetChart architecture in the out-of-the-box configuration, and these run seamlessly alongside the new client-side charting framework.

Siebel Composer

Oracle has long term plans to migrate Siebel application development away from the Siebel Tools desktop application and into the Siebel Open UI web client. The objective is to simplify and expedite the development and deployment process, including the need to compile and migrate the srf.

To that end, Siebel 15 introduces a new server component - Siebel Composer - a web-enabled tool for Siebel development. In this first iteration, Siebel Composer is introduced as a "Developer Preview", and has very limited capabilities. It should not to be used for actual development but provides a preview of what the future holds for Siebel configuration.

New Industry Specific Functionality: CTMS

Siebel 15 introduces the following new functionality to the CTMS application:
  • Risk Assessments: It is now possible to create Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool (RACT) templates and apply them to any level in the Clinical Hierarchy. This adds the ability to perform and track risk assessments for specific Sites, Regions, or even an entire Protocol or Program.
  • Site Training: Siebel 15 adds the ability to create Training Plan Templates (including one or more Training Topic), and then apply the Training Plan to a Site. Training Plans are associated with Site Contact Roles, so that when a Training Plan is applied to a Site, all of the Site Contacts who hold the prescribed Roles will appear in the Training Plan view, making it easy to check which Site Contacts have completed the required training, and which have not.

Security Enhancements

As of Siebel 15, Oracle strongly recommends implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and does not officially support SSL.

Enhanced Platform Support

Siebel 15 adds support for:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Windows 2012 R2
Support for these platform components have also been ported backwards to IP 2014. Siebel now also support integration with for BI Publisher that was released in May 2015.

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