Microsoft has shortened the support window for Internet Explorer 8. This video describes the impact on your Siebel application.
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In this video you will find out:

  • Internet Explorer 8 Support End Date
    Did you know that support for Internet Explorer 8 ends in less than a year? When IE8 was initially released with Windows 7, it was announced that it would be supported until January 2020. However, this support window has been significantly reduced.

  • Implications for Your Siebel Application
    Do you know that the way that most companies access Siebel is only supported with IE8 and lower? Do you know how to make sure that you access Siebel in a fully supported way, once IE8 is retired?

  • How to Determine if You are Supported
    This video walks you through the steps to determine what version of Siebel you are using. It will also help you determine whether your version is only supported with IE8 and lower or if it is also supported with modern browsers such as Google Chrome, IE11, Microsoft Safari and Firefox.

  • Required Steps if You are Not Supported
    The video will identify the two steps you need to take to stay fully supported, if the version of Siebel you are using is only supported with IE8 and lower.

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