Success Through

Pushing the boundaries
of what's possible in BI Publisher.


A client in the Consumer Goods Sector asked us to do something that other consulting partners had said was impossible: "Can you export our Siebel Promotions Calendar into Excel in a visual format so that we can edit it and share with our Customers?"

Challenge Accepted.

There are no out-of-the-box mechanisms in the Siebel-BI Publisher integration suite for generating an editable Siebel Gantt Chart in Excel, so the BI Publisher experts at Accelsior, using their deep understanding of the underlying integration technologies, developed one.
Each bar within the Gantt Chart corresponds to a promotion, with the color of the bar indicating the type of the promotion, and the text inside providing additional information. The report contains detailed information in columns to allow for easy filtering and sorting within Excel.

The desired flexibility makes the report particularly complex as the following parameters can be set by the user when running the report:
  • The start and end date, i.e. the dates that should be included in the report can be specified completely ad-hoc. This may sound simple, but it is complex - we can explain why that is so in a conversation.
  • The weekday that is the first day of the week, e.g. Sunday or Monday. This is important for finance reasons as different customers start their weeks on different days.
  • The types of Promotions / Trade Activities that should be included in report, e.g. whether or not to include Every Day Low Price, etc.
The results have been a complete success for our client and its customers. Since the deployment of our custom BI Publisher report, our client's Account Managers have been able to share their annual Product Promotion Plans with their customers in a simple and easy to understand visual format, improving productivity and customer relations for our client.

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