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Siebel has a wealth of functionality available out-of-the-box. However, most implementations come across some requirements that can only be met if thinking outside-the-box and being innovative about how to configure and extend the Siebel application.

Outside-the-box using Out-of-the-box

A consumer goods company was challenged to provide an intuitive and interactive Gantt chart interface that would allow the business community to easily create and modify promotional events. The out-of-the-box Siebel Promotional calendar did not meet the client's interactivity requirements for creating and modifying promotions.
Our consultant was engaged to solve the challenge after the systems integrator that worked on the overall upgrade had exhausted their ideas and no solution had been identified. After a short period of investigation and the creation of a proof of concept, our consultant used functionality available in other modules of the Siebel application and architected a solution that satisfied the client's exact requirement.
Even though this calendar functionality was a small piece of the whole project, it was instrumental in ensuring that the user interface and the overall application was well received amongst the business community. Furthermore, the above is just one example amongst many where our consultants' unparalleled expertise has allowed us to meet challenging requirements that others have said were impossible to implement in Siebel.

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When you come across a requirement that you are not sure about how to meet, or your contracted consulting partner has suggested a solution that seems overly complex or expensive, then contact us - we have the skills and know-how to ensure your success!