The experts at Accelsior have developed an innovative and exciting usability enhancement in Siebel Open UI, dramatically improving out-of-the-box "Recent Records" functionality.
  • Watch the short five minute video below for a demonstration, now!

In this video you will find out:

  • What is an Open UI Theme?
  • An Open UI Theme is used to govern the look, feel and behavior of the Siebel Open UI user interface.
  • The latest versions of Siebel ship with three different out-of-the-box Themes called Aurora, Synergy and Alta.
  • Why are Siebel Open UI Themes important?
  • With the right partner, it is possible to create your own Open UI Theme, and significantly improve the UX / CX for your Siebel User Community.
  • For employee-facing applications: create a positive buzz about your Siebel application, drive user engagement, and increase user adoption.
  • For customer-facing applications: tie in the Siebel user interface with the rest of your organization's online presence, and improve the customer's experience.
  • What does it take to implement your own Open UI Theme?
  • With the right knowledge and expertise, deploying your own Siebel Open UI Theme is fast.
  • It is possible to change colors, logos, hover-over behavior, add your own icons or even completely overhaul the look and feel of your application.
  • The Theme showcased in this video was developed in just a few days, and no application downtime is required for deployment.

Next Step: Let's Talk

If you want to find out more about taking the next step to improve your Siebel User Experience by creating your own Open UI Theme, then contact us today, and talk with one of our genuine Siebel experts!