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Siebel Upgrade

Login to a Successful
Siebel Upgrade

Upgrade your Siebel deployment with one of the the most experienced teams in the industry.

We are an Oracle Partner and our Siebel Upgrade team is made up of long time Siebel experts with experience successfully delivering in excess of 30 Siebel upgrades. In 2022, Accelsior's team successfully delivered 3 Siebel upgrade projects to Siebel 22.x on time and on budget. Read our success stories below.
Upgrade Path 22.6
6 months
Team Size
Our client, a global Clinical Research Organization based in North Carolina, was running a Siebel Clinical application with 5,000+ concurrent users and had to upgrade and deploy Open UI before IE 11 end-of-life. A different consulting partner had previously tried to perform the upgrade but had failed after over a year of trying.

The application was heavily customized, and additionally leaned on out-of-the-box Clinical functionality which had changed in 22.6. Nonetheless, in a period of 6 months from kickoff to go live, a team of four Siebel experts from Accelsior with a combined 60+ years of Siebel consulting experience between them successfully completed the upgrade from start to finish.
Upgrade Path
IP 15 22.4
5 months
Team Size
Our client, a NASDAQ-listed Pharmaceutical company based in Delaware, was running a Siebel IP 2015 Clinical application and needed to upgrade for security reasons. Accelsior had performed the initial installation and setup of the IP 2015 application and the team knew it well.

In addition to upgrading the Siebel application, the Accelsior team also migrated the Siebel application between cloud IaaS providers, along with the connected BI Publisher and OBIEE applications.

A team of 3 dedicated Accelsior experts completed the Siebel upgrade and the IaaS migration in 5 months without a hitch.
Upgrade Path 22.7
9 months
Team Size
A team of 2 Accelsior upgrade specialists lead the upgrade project working in conjunction with the in-house Siebel development team. The upgrade was completed in 9 months, despite being a very large and complex Siebel deployment with 900+ views across three different applications: Sales, Field Service and Call Center.

Expediting Your Upgrade Project

In addition to the raw Siebel expertise and smarts that we bring to upgrade projects, we also bring tools that will expedite your upgrade and help control costs and risk:
  • Scripts that analyze your application and help provide an accurate upgrade effort estimate.
  • Tools that identify specific areas of the application that need to be reviewed and reconfigured after the upgrade; allowing us to focus effort where it is needed and spend less time in other areas.
  • Test Script Templates that allow us to efficiently, consistently and comprehensively test the upgraded application.
  • Installation and upgrade instruction templates that help to effectively execute the upgrade in Development, Test and Production environments thereby saving time and minimizing issues.
When utilizing the tools above on a recent Siebel 15 upgrade, we helped a client with a large user-base to upgrade in record speed - in 2.5 months from project start to production go-live.

The Accelsior Difference

When working together with Accelsior, you tap into a talented team of experts. At Accelsior we have:
  • worked on every major Siebel release since Siebel 99 (first released 20+ years ago!)
  • completed upgrades using Scripts, IRM and via rebuild
  • upgraded client applications to Siebel 22.x and also helped a client implement a completely new deployment of Siebel with Open UI
And remember that when working with us you are working with real Siebel experts that the business community trusts and enjoys working with.

We have the expertise and experience to make sure that your next release is a success for both you personally and your organization.

Contact us to discuss your situation with an experienced upgrade consultant, and find out how your organization can have success upgrading.