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How To Integrate With GitHub


How To Integrate With GitHub

Why integrate Siebel Tools with Source Control?

Documenting the changes that are made to Siebel systems can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are required to track Siebel development changes for Sarbanes-Oxley or FDA compliance, or simply for compliance with internal auditors. Thankfully, Siebel Tools can integrate with many centralized Source Control systems like Borland Star Team, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Apache Subversion (SVN).

But what about Git and GitHub?

Today many IT departments use Distributed Source Control systems for development source control like Git. GitHub is one of the most popular online providers of Git source control, and among other things is popular for its easy to use online interface.

Can you integrate Siebel Tools with GitHub? Absolutely!

It is easy to integrate Siebel Tools with GitHub! And GitHub is a great choice for working with Siebel Tools. It provides both a central location for archiving Siebel Development changes and a history of when and by whom those changes were made. The online user interface is easy and intuitive, and can quickly assist in helping track changes and resolve bugs.

If you’re looking to integrate your Siebel environment with GitHub, or any Source Control system then Contact us today to speak with an experienced Siebel consultant!