Not yet using Siebel 22?

The time to upgrade is now!

Not yet using
Siebel 20?

The time to
upgrade is now!
Organizations upgrade their Siebel applications to Siebel 22 for a variety of reasons:
  • New functionality and productivity enhancements:
  • Open UI
  • Siebel on Mobile Devices (Tablet/Smartphone)
  • Task based UI
  • Microsoft Exchange integration
  • Google-like search functionality, etc.
  • Support for newer versions of ancillary software, such as web browser, operating system, database platform, business intelligence tool, etc
  • To stay full supported by Oracle and gain access to latest functionality and security patches
But many companies also hesitate to upgrade their Siebel systems because of the cost associated with the initial implementation or because a previous upgrade attempt may have run over budget and there is an expectation that there is no better way to do it.

But there is a better way to do it. And our consultants have a proven track record from a number of successful upgrades in a number of different scenarios: using Siebel's native upgrade scripts, upgrading via rebuild, converting from the horizontal to industry specific Siebel version, changing database platform, etc. Here is a an example of a recent Siebel upgrade with Open UI deployment.

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Internet Explorer 8 Support End Date

Did you know that support for Internet Explorer 8 ended in January 2016? Do you know the implications for your Siebel application? Click on image to watch a short video to help you determine whether your Siebel platform is fully supported with the version of Internet Explorer that you are using?