Oracle introduced new charting functionality in Siebel 15 - this video explores the exciting possibilities for your Siebel application.

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In this video you will find out:


What are the new Client Charts?

  • Did you know that new out-of-the-box chart functionality is available in Siebel 15 and later versions?
  • Did you know that Client Charts use JavaScript and jQuery, and that no additional software or integration is required to take advantage of them?
  • Do you know what chart types are available in out-of-the-box?



Why are Client Charts important?

  • With the new jQuery Client Charts functionality, powerful, relevant and tightly integrated charts can be implemented within Siebel views that users access every day.
  • With relevant charts, that make data quick and easy to understand, it’s possible to focus end-users' attention and drive action; in essence, the new charts can help users become more effective and more efficient.



What does it take to implement Client Charts?

  • With the right knowledge and expertise, it is easy to create and deploy powerful, relevant and tightly embedded charts within Siebel views which users access every day.
  • This video will show some sample charts, as well as providing the typical development effort required for our consultants to implement them.


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