A webinar that tells you what you need to know to upgrade to the latest release of Siebel...

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Why you need to upgrade


Do you know that support for Internet Explorer 8 ends in less than a year? Do you know what that means for your Siebel application?



Why you should upgrade


Are you familiar with the exciting enhancements to OpenUI that was recently introduced in Siebel 15?
Are you familiar with the recent functionality added and the updated platform support available in Siebel?



When you need to upgrade


The Siebel and Internet Explorer release and support schedule will be covered and the effective end date of the most common Siebel client will be shared.



Webinar Topics

1:10 Agenda
2:35 Siebel roadmap and release schedule
4:35 Oracle's support levels and support for Siebel 7.8 and 8.0
6:40 Microsoft IE support end-date and the implications for Siebel
7:40 Patch naming convention : what is an Innovation Pack? What is the difference between IP 2014 and
9:40 Introduction to Open UI and Siebel 15
12:30Siebel Mobile - Deploying Siebel on smart phones and tablets
14:25Open UI development - Exploring the possibilities in OpenUI
16:10 The introduction of Open UI in and new functionality in Innovation Pack 2013
17:20 Recent Open UI functionality introduced in Innovation Pack 2014
18:25 Recent Open UI functionality introduced in Siebel 15
21:50 Recent non-Open UI functionality introduced in Siebel
25:20 Recent support for ancillary software introduced in Siebel (e.g. operating system, DB platform, MS Word, etc)
27:00 Upgrade drivers summarized
30:10 Conclusions


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