A webinar that tells you what you need to know to upgrade to the latest Siebel release...

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How to plan and execute a successful upgrade


The steps involved in an upgrade will be explained as well as the tasks you need to complete to prepare and manage a successful upgrade project.



Real-life Upgrade Case Studies


We will share experiences from two upgrade case studies to highlight crucial learnings and outline where organizations typically need help to upgrade their applications.



Webinar Topics

2:25 Introduction to Accelsior and what's different about working with us
5:25 The two aspects of a Siebel upgrade : Application logic and Data
6:50 The two approaches to upgrading Siebel : Using upgrade scripts & Rebuilding
9:10 The development tasks of a Siebel upgrade
13:55The IRM & Configuration merge processes explained; why a project manager must be aware!
16:35What user interface remediation is required during a Siebel upgrade?
21:00Determining the technical scope of a Siebel upgrade
27:05Upgrade project management : The tasks required in a successful project plan
34:05When do organizations typically need help with an upgrade?
38:15Upgrade case study 1: Upgrading Siebel using scripts
43:15Upgrade case study 2: Upgrading Siebel via rebuild
44:55Conclusions and Summary


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