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Siebel Open UI

A truly modern user interface in

Siebel 15 and Siebel 16!

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Siebel Open UI is the new browser independent user interface for Siebel CRM. The user interface works on any device with a modern browser – e.g. Apple’s Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Siebel Open UI is based on HTML5, JavaScript (including jQuery) and CSS.

For companies using Siebel CRM, this means that:

  • modern usability features are implemented using standards based techniques that work on any browser
  • you are no longer tied to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or even Windows operating system to provide a rich user experience for Siebel
  • you can deploy the same user interface on a number of different devices – iPad, Android Tablet, Phone or PC
To take advantage of Siebel Open UI, you need to migrate to one of the latest versions of Siebel: (IP2013), (IP 2014), IP 2015-2019.

Innovation Pack 2014 – New Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Innovation Pack 2014 was released in November 2014 and contains a number of important enhancements compared to IP 2013. Scroll through these slides to see examples of the more significant new functionality available in Innovation Pack 2014.
  • Contact Map View

  • Contact List View

  • Gantt Chart

  • Contact Card View

  • iHelp

  • Shuttle Applet

Siebel 15 – New “Synergy” Theme

Siebel 15, aka Innovation Pack 2015, was released in May 2015 and includes a new theme called “Synergy”. This theme is almost identical to the user interface in existing Oracle Cloud applications like Oracle Sales Cloud, and Oracle Service Cloud. The “Synergy” theme has a modern look and feel, and the “Screen Tiles” at the top of the page allow for easy navigation with touch screen devices.

The “Aurora” User Interface Theme, which was first introduced in Siebel Innovation Pack 2014 is also available and remains largely unchanged.

  • Synergy Homepage

  • Contact Map View

  • Activity List View

  • Revenue Chart

  • Site Assessments

  • Site Training Plans

Siebel 16 – the first ‘Open UI’-only version of Siebel

Siebel 16 arrived in April 2016 and adds further enhancement to Open UI user experience as well as Desktop Integration for Outlook and CTI, etc. Siebel 16 is the first Siebel release that only supports Open UI, meaning that Siebel High Interactivity and Standard Interactivity (e.g. eService) are not supported in this version. These Standard Interactivity applications have been replaced with Open UI applications.

Siebel Open UI and Modern Usability Features

Open UI does not only allow you deploy Siebel on any modern browser and device, it also allows you to develop modern usability features using based on HTML5, jQuery, etc. E.g. drag-and-drop associations between record, record previews invoked by hover over, “type ahead” querying, etc – such enhancements are very important for user adoption.

Accelsior has developed a number of videos that highlight the possibilities of Open UI. A select sample can be found below.

  • Fresh and Modern Open UI Themes
  • Record Preview
  • Recent Records
The screen shot below shows a modern and subtle Open UI Theme developed by Accelsior for a client.

Click on image to expand.

Internet Explorer 8 and Siebel High Interactivity

Do you know that support for Internet Explorer 8 ended in January 2016? And that this means that full support for Siebel’s High Interactivity Client also ended? If you have not already done so, now is the time to start planning your organization’s upgrade to Siebel Open UI in order to stay on a supported platform.

Open UI is a Major Enhancement

But it’s built on technologies and techniques that are often foreign to Siebel implementation teams. Most organizations therefore need external assistance to deploy it.

At Accelsior, we can help you take advantage of Siebel Open UI – quickly and successfully. If you want to understand what it would take for your organization to migrate to a fully supported platform, deploy Open UI and take advantage of the possibilities it provides, contact us today.

Internet Explorer 8 Support End Date

Support for Internet Explorer 8 ended in January 2016.

Do you know why that means that you need to deploy Open UI to stay on a fully supported platform?

Click on the image to watch a short video to help you determine whether your Siebel platform is fully supported with your version of Internet Explorer and what you need to do if it is not, or contact us to talk to a Siebel Upgrade specialist.
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